About Me

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Matias Vilaplana Stark is a Chilean music technologist, composer, and improviser. His research interests lie at the intersection of immersive media and musical practice, working on designing interactive music environments with virtual reality systems and the creation of 3D virtual environments as graphic scores for musical improvisation. His work has been presented in festivals and conferences such as SEAMUS, NIME, the SF Tape Music Festival, CAMPGround and Performing Media Festival. He holds a BFA from the Music Technology program at Universidad de Chile, and a Master’s in Media Arts from the University of Michigan. In Santiago, he worked as a recording engineer and sound designer, collaborating with the artistic fields of dance, theater and visual arts in various projects. At Michigan, he focused on creating movement-based interactive musical systems using motion capture technology. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Composition and Computer Technologies program at the University of Virginia.